What to Consider Before Filing for Divorce in Utah | Divorce in the State of Utah


Divorce, perhaps, is one of the most painful emotional traumas that separate the couples despite commitments of lifelong togetherness. Yet people ask for divorce due to various reasons.

There may be a plethora of reasons for divorce yet the fact remains that divorce rate is comparatively higher in Utah whereas incidences of divorce have declined elsewhere.

In Utah, the majority of divorces are completed through mediation without having to go to court.  The divorces are completed fast when both parties mutually agree on all the important issues.

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Things one must know for seeking a divorce in Utah

Like other states, Utah divorce law permits you to apply for a no-fault divorce but you will have to prove that you and your spouse have irreconcilable differences.

The State of Utah allows you to seek a divorce, if your spouse has committed one of the followings:

  • Inability to perform sexually upon marriage
  • Adultery
  • Willful desertion for at least 12 months
  • Willful neglect
  • Habitual intoxication
  • Felony conviction
  • Extreme cruelty
  • Incurable insanity

As per Utah legislation, for finalization of the divorce, it is mandatory for couples to complete divorce orientation course, especially if minor children are involved.

For filing a divorce, you or your spouse you need to follow the residency norms.  Accordingly, you or your spouse must have resided in the state of Utah for at least three months prior to filing for divorce.

If you are parents of a minor child, you must have resided in Utah for at least 6 months prior to filing for divorce.

Utah being an equitable distribution state divides the assets reasonably to place both parties in the best and convenient possible position.

While splitting the marital assets, the income, responsibilities, pre-marital assets and other financial savings are taken into account.

In Utah, there is a mandatory 90-day waiting period before the divorce can be finalized.

Types of divorce

Primarily, there are two types of divorce in Utah i.e.

  • Uncontested divorce

The divorce cases where you and your spouse can agree on all of the issues pertaining to divorce encompassing custody, spousal support and disposition of assets and liabilities can be filed as the uncontested divorce.

The uncontested divorce process is fast in which you are not required to appear in the court, unless you have children.

The parents having children will need to appear in court for a short hearing regarding custody, support, and visitation.

Uncontested divorce cases are disposed in a quick manner.

  • Contested

You will be required to appear in court to contest your divorce case, if you and your spouse are unable to reach to an agreement on issues pertaining to the divorce

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Online divorce services

While filing for divorce, the divorce papers must be filed in the office of county court where you live.

Without a lawyer or proper guidance, preparing divorce documents for filing divorce can become difficult. You sometime might feel handicapped without an attorney and wonder how and where to get and deposit divorce forms.

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You can simply avoid all these hassles by engaging a law firm for online divorce services for preparing divorce documents.

They can make the process of filing for divorce accurate, easy and fast.

Filing divorce papers without lawyer’s fee through reputable online divorce sites is convenient and inexpensive. It helps you to save your money with the assurance of 100% court approval on divorce papers.

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