Tips on How to Break The Divorce News to Your Children 


Divorce involves more than just two people separating. Getting a divorce means separating two families, affecting them in the long run. Especially when there are children involved, telling them that their parents are choosing different paths can be one of the most difficult situations for a parent. 

Children are sensitive, mainly when they are underage or not mature enough to understand the situation. Since their mental health is a priority, there are a few ways to break the divorce news that goes easy on you and your children. Before you speak to your children, make sure you contact a Foothill Ranch Family Lawyer to understand the details of the divorce. 

  • Discuss it with your partner first. 

You may want to ensure your partner does not reveal it in anger or frustration in front of your children, as it can worsen the situation. So, discuss with your partner how you need to take the conversation about your divorce in front of your children. 

  • Sit with your children along with your partner, finding the right time. 

Before discussing the divorce, ensure your children are not in a bad mood. Hearing about your divorce can worsen the situation if they are already in a bad mood. Once you see your children are in the right mindset, you and your partner can sit with them to tell them that you have important news to share and would like them to support you in the decision. 

  • Remain calm and tell them why divorce is the best decision. 

It will take time for your children to sink in what you are telling them. There are chances they may react negatively. In such a situation, it is crucial to remain calm and let them express their feelings. Furthermore, calmly explain to them why you came to the divorce decision and why you consider it to be the best option for yourself and your partner. 

  • Let them know the divorce would not affect their relationship with either parent. 

One of the biggest fear a child can have is their relationship getting ruined with either of their parents due to the divorce. Therefore, let your children know how their relationship with you and your partner would not get affected due to your decision. Also, make sure you tell them how you would continue with your family gatherings, family time, and other crucial parts of their lives without changing anything. 

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