Preparing for your initial consultation with Divorce Lawyers at Shulman & Partners LLP  


Preparing for your initial consultation with your Family Law Lawyers

The decision to seek family law legal counsel for the first time can be overwhelming, and daunting, but often also empowering. Navigating the complexities of deciding whether to separate, divorce, drawing up child custody arrangements, and property division are pivotal moments that are made easier with a discussion with a family law lawyer.

Whether you have decided to separate or would like to understand your legal rights in a relationship, consulting a family law lawyer will empower you by providing you with knowledge of the legal ramifications of your situation.

Finding your Right Separation or Divorce Lawyer

Your initial consultation is of key importance, as it is beneficial for you to choose a family law lawyer that you trust to represent you. We have some recommendations to assist you in ensuring you receive the highest level of care from your first consultation. Starting with having a clear plan of what information you want to gather, and the relevant questions you need to ask, you decide on beforehand.

This initial consultation is your opportunity to explain your unique situation, providing a detailed understanding of your family’s situation, its legal challenges, and your personal objectives. Your divorce lawyer is looking to understand how best to assist you, as well as provide clarity about what further proceedings will look like.

Preparing for your Family Law Lawyer Consultation

In preparation for your initial consultation, Shulman and Partners have a few recommendations to help you get the most from your family law lawyer. We encourage you to start with an open dialogue. It is beneficial to prepare for this first consultation: consider creating a checklist that will ensure you bring the essential documents, such as personal identification, all relevant financial records, and any important legal documents. These documents can provide your family law lawyer with a complete picture of your situation. They can help us at Shulman and Partners to formulate and customize our advice and legal strategy.

What else can your Family Law Lawyer provide beyond Legal Advice?

Shulman & Partners recognize the emotional strain that legal proceedings can have on you and your family, we have access to specialised support resources and are committed to ensuring your well-being throughout your legal proceedings.

At Shulman and Partners, we believe that being professional, transparent and honest with our clients is the key to ensuring we resolve your family law matter on a positive note. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring stability and control to an otherwise unstable situation. Our approach is to put our clients first: we take the time to listen to and communicate. Shulman & Partners aims to create a customized plan for our clients that accommodates their wants and needs. We pride ourselves on being able to de-escalate conflict, implement stability and reach the best resolution possible for our clients. Our aim is to always make sure you can confidently move on with your life and leave the divorce, or separation, behind you.

At Shulman and Partners, we promote personalized and compassionate legal support. Our team offers a comprehensive range of family law services from dispute resolution, separation agreements, spousal support, as well as child custody and support. If you are ready to schedule your initial consultation contact us today over the phone or email, or visit us at our Toronto or Ottawa offices.

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