The Complications Of Motorcycle Accidents In Fort Wayne and How To Ensure Justice

The Complications Of Motorcycle Accidents In Fort Wayne and How To Ensure Justice

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Motorcycle riders and passengers are often exposed to higher risks while on the road as they lack the body frame cover which car users have. What this means is that in the event of an accident there are higher possibilities of individuals on a motorcycle to have severe injuries as compared to their counterparts in cars.  It is therefore mandatory for every motorcyclist to always take extra caution while on the road given how much danger they face. Still, this does not erase the fact that regardless of how much cautious one is, the negligence of other road users can leave one at the center of a terrible accident.

The statistics on motorcycle accidents in the USA show that as high as 79% of such accidents often result in personal injuries. This is a high percentage which is extremely shocking and regardless of how few motorcycle accidents could be, once it happens the victims are at greater risks. It is for this reason that immediately one is involved in such a scenario, chances are never to be taken, but the right channels followed for deserved justice. Top on the reasons why motorcyclists can never go easy on their cases is there are several loopholes that the negligent party can use to their defense. The most common include;

  • The motorcyclist was over speeding. The misplaced perception by most people is that motorcyclists are often more reckless and this stigmatization has been used in several instances. On a leveled basis, it is easier to notice a motorcycle on a highway that is running at the set speed limit than another vehicle. This is because the two-wheelers tend to appear to be going faster than other cars including those being driven at similar speeds.
  • The accident occurred due to lane splitting. Since a motorcycle can easily maneuver through smaller spaces which ordinarily a vehicle would not, this is a popular technique used by most car drivers. This gets complicated when the accident occurs at a spot which allows for drivers to turn, switch lanes or get off the main road.
  • Lack of attention while on the road. It is easy to be accused of failing to pay attention to the road as a motorcyclist even when the accident was apparently caused due to distracted driving or any other violation of road rules by the accused party.

To have a perfect counter to any of these attempts to squash the case, the services of a motorcycle accident attorney in Fort Wayne comes as the ideal solution. This is because while there have been incidences where motorcyclists have proven to be rude on the road, every case is argued out based on the facts at hand. Generalized perceptions and an insurance team that wants to gain profits of your pain must never be tolerated when one can rightfully gain the deserved compensations. Since the odds of getting severe personal injuries are higher, it means not receiving fair settlement could mean future regret. Al this can be avoided by taking the initiative of standing up for your rights with the backing of a legal team that never gives up on their clients.

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