Things You Must Know about Divorce cases in Arizona.


Are you contemplating to file for a divorce in Arizona? You could be having some questions in your mind especially if it is your first time to file for a divorce. Knowing the basics will not only relieve you from unnecessary stress, but it will also save time and eliminate errors in the whole process. Different attorneys may have different views especially when it comes to issues to do with charges. Knowing things like the case duration, lawsuit requirements, legal fees and what will happen to the kids is important.

Requirements for Filling for a Divorce in Arizona

It is required that either you or your spouse should have been residing in Arizona for the past 90 days. Even if your spouse lives in another country, but you have been in Arizona for 90 days, you can file for a divorce. Your divorce decree may be entered by the court if your spouse is far away from your county. It is recommended to work with a divorce attorney in Scottsdale Arizona for legal counsel.

File a Petition and Other Required Forms

File your petition at the clerk of the court indicating all reasons why you would like your marriage to be legally terminated. Once you are done with the petition, you are expected to file other documents which include, Summons, a Preliminary Injunction, a Sensitive cover Sheet, notice to convert health insurance and affidavit for child information program. You will be required to pay $349.00 to the clerk of the court, but if you don’t have, you can request the court to waive the amount for you.

Service of Divorce Papers to Your Spouse

You are the petitioner, so your respondent must know that he or she has been summoned in court. You, therefore, serve the papers plus the petition to your spouse. There are professional servers who can serve the papers to your spouse, and they charge a fee of $100 at most in Arizona.

The police can also serve the papers on your behalf if need be. Your spouse will then need to sign an affidavit of service to indicate that he or she has received your petition. Remember this does not mean your spouse has given in to your demands. It is like acknowledging they have received your petition and they will appear in court as directed.

Duration of the Case to from Start to Complete Dissolution

An uncontested divorce case is the easiest and shortest one because both spouses are willing to let go of each. Such a case takes 60 to 90 days at most. Contested divorce has a lot of issues because each of the spouses has a demand to be accomplished. It could take from one year to two years depending on how complex the demands are.

Financial experts, business appraisers, property experts and other kinds of experts may be needed to provide expert advice on various issues. Such requirements make the case to last long. In Arizona, divorce costs stand at between $15,000.00 and $30,000.00 so you need to be prepared before you file a petition.

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