A Self-driving Car



Google has come up with the new car technology which includes self-driving or the robot car. We may even call it the driverless car. It is the car which can sense the environment around and moves without human input. It has a variety of sensors to perceive the surroundings which include Lidar, radar, sonar, odometry, GPS, and inertial measurement units. The Department of the Motor Vehicles has approved for the testing to 7 self-drive carmakers on the roads of Ontario.

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More about the self-drive car:

The construction of such a vehicle is the fusion of innovative human minds, technology, and resources. It is the matter of the time when this car has become a reality which was once a dream. These cars have played an excellent role to redefine the industries which include ride-hailing, car insurance, and the parking. However, here the most significant change is in the accident reports. The robot car will bring a shift in car injury accident lawsuits.

According to the survey, thousands of car accidents take place every year, and most of the people die on the spot. Moreover, then the families get legal compensation from the insurance companies and the party responsible for the death. However, with the upcoming self-drive cars, there will be less need for making such compensation.


Driverless cars have reduced road accidents by 90%, and thus it has saved thousands of lives and preventing $200 damages caused. There will be fewer lawyer fights. No cases among people and therefore a better personal experience. All it is expected from self-drive cars because of its features.

However, along with its advantages, it could have one major problem that it has distracted most of the human drivers. According to the Google survey, a robot car had met with an accident with the public bus. All blame was put onto the Software that was driving it safely. Car manufacturers will be facing a good contradiction from the legal practices due to such mishappenings.

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