Types of Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury law covers a wide range of claims and is designed to ensure victims receive compensation when their injury is because of someone else’s negligent or intentional actions or inactions.

Different situations can result in a personal injury case; however, not all situations where someone is hurt will lead to compensation. This article will highlight some of the common types of personal injury cases. Please note that our list is not exhaustive, so, you may want to consult with a Naqvi personal injury law attorney for further help.

Auto accident

Auto accidents (including truck, car, and motorcycle accidents) are the leading cause of spinal and brain injuries. These accidents often give rise to other injuries like damaged organs, broken bones, and bleeding. If you are involved in an auto accident and end up sustaining injuries because of the other driver’s fault, you could be entitled to compensation for medical costs as well as other expenses that you incur due to the injury.

Medical malpractice

A majority of doctors are skilled and take extraordinary precautions to prevent any harm from befalling their patients. But sometimes, even the best of doctors can make a mistake. Unfortunately, these mistakes can be life-altering. Medical malpractice is when a doctor fails to act in a way in which any reasonable doctor would in the same position as them. There are different kinds of medical malpractice, including improper treatment, misdiagnosis, medication mistakes, failure to diagnose a severe health condition birth injury and so on.

Wrongful death

When your loved one dies due to someone else’s neglect, intent, or carelessness, you may bring a wrongful death claim against the responsible party. Most of these cases arise out of truck and car crashes, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, airplane accidents, dangerous or defective product, and construction accidents.

Workers’ compensation

When you are injured, or someone close to you dies while in their line of duty, you aren’t allowed to file a personal injury suit against your employer. However, you will bring your claim under the Workers’ Compensation Act, which requires employers to offer a range of benefits to their injured workers.

Premises liability

Premise liability accidents arise by a defective or dangerous condition on a person’s land. These accidents can happen anywhere from a neighbor’s home or private/public swimming pool to commercial properties like malls, gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores. Various dangerous or defective conditions can lead to premises liability lawsuit, including slip and fall, failing off from staircase due to lack or faulty of handrail, dog bites and so on.


Personal injury cases are not just physical – they can also include emotional cases, where one is injured psychologically. For instance, when someone says statements that are untrue about you and as a result, you suffer an injury to your reputation, you may bring a defamation lawsuit against them.

Other types of personal injury cases

Other examples of personal injury claims include neglect or nursing home abuse, boating, and aviation accidents, animal bites, catastrophic injuries and accidents, food poisoning, mesothelioma, asbestos exposure, and legal malpractice.

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