Working With A Divorce Attorney: Things To Know!


Filing for divorce is never an easy decision. It can cause emotional and mental distress, but often necessary. Regardless of whether you are the one asking for divorce, or have been sent a notice by your spouse, it is important to know the basics of the process. The first step is to contact a law and let your intentions be known, so that legal measures can be taken accordingly. Your lawyer will also help in knowing your rights before divorcing. In this post, we are discussing some of these rights and how to work with a divorce attorney.

The rights before divorce

While your lawyer will guide you through the process, some facts are worth knowing. Firstly, if your spouse was the only working person in the family, you have right to support during the divorce. Secondly, you don’t have to agree to everything that your spouse says or ask for. Contesting a divorce is your right. Contested divorces are complicated, but often couples cannot sort their issues amicably like many others. Thirdly, properties acquired during the marriage are considered joint, and you have the right to these assets. Lastly, if there are children involved, you can meet them during the course of divorce, no matter the circumstances. There are only a few exceptions, where a restrainer order can be sought by the other spouse.

About engaging a lawyer

You may feel that your case is too simple and you don’t need a divorce attorney, but think again. Divorce matters get complicated in no time, and even if you agree to things that your spouse demands, you need someone who can offer sane legal advice and stand up for your rights. In other words, your divorce attorney will ensure that you don’t get a raw deal. Family law is complicated by nature, and it is important to have legal counsel. Also, in many cases, what may seem like a mutual divorce may end up being complicated, as matters like child support and division of joint properties crop up.

Things to know

Always be truthful and transparent with your divorce attorney¸ so that he/she can handle the complications and other aspects without any doubt. Also, experience is key when it comes to hiring an attorney, so ask relevant questions and make sure that the same divorce attorney is representing your case, and not his junior.

Getting through the divorce proceedings will be easier when you have a reliable and experienced attorney on your side.

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