Top Divorce Myths


Myths about divorce can let people take the decision of divorce that end up hurting them. This is why it is important to talk to Divorce Law Firms in Toronto while filing for divorce. Your divorce lawyer will tell you about the truths of divorce process & many myths about divorce.

Here are the top myths that can be believed but are not true:

  1. Visitation of your spouse can be denied if he/she denied paying child support:

Denying parent visitation with their child is not in child support obligations. In short, let parent visit children is not related to the payment of child support.

  1. Commit disloyalty, loose everything:

Cheating on spouse will lead you to divorce? Maybe. Being unfaithful doesn’t mean that you will also lose your child, your home & your assets.

  1. Is Divorce can be denied?

When you file a divorce case in court, you were asking the judge to grant you for divorce. But that doesn’t mean that the judge can deny your request because your spouse doesn’t want it. If you want a divorce, you will surely get a divorce. Once all financial & custody issue of a parent has been resolved at settlement & you must have sufficient proof plus you have to be fully following all court’s rules, a divorce will be granted.

  1. Mother always granted custody of the children

There is a myth that mother has always given priority for the custody of children but that is not true. Both the mother & father can be custodial. It totally based on characteristics & circumstances & also based on the interest of children.

  1. You can ignore paying child support

Child support payment is enforced by law. If you are not custodial parents & you have a minor child then you have to pay for child support. If you fail to follow law made for child support order, both your spouse & court will take aggressive steps to enforce those orders on you.

  1. Men never get Maintenance but Women always do

Women can earn more than their husbands & the custody decision are no longer based on outdated prejudices. Spousal support depends on economics rather than on gender. It is necessary to contact the divorce lawyer when it comes to spousal support.

  1. You must have a lawyer

Is it possible to represent yourself in your divorce? Yes. Are you going to represent yourself? Absolutely No. So, if you can’t afford a lawyer, the Family Law Firms Toronto may require your spouse to pay for your divorce lawyer fees.

  1. Divorce Leads to Battle

Divorce can be full of blame-gaming & figure pointing but it doesn’t necessary to be. It is an estimation that 70% of the cases are resolved by settlement rather than by the final decision given by the judge.

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