Have You Been Injured At Work Or In A Public Place?


What would you do if you slipped and hurt yourself in the local shopping mall? What would you do if you fell at work and sustained a serious injury that put you in the hospital for a while? Many people injure themselves while at work or even while out in a shopping mall, among other places. Often the slips, trips, and falls cause little to only minor injury, and the person simply gets on with their day. At other times, the injuries can be severe and cause an impact to that person’s life and work. This is where the person might be eligible for legal help.

What Is Personal Injury Law?

A slip fall injury claim in Queensland falls under the category of personal injury law. This is an area of law that covers injuries, medical negligence, and medical malpractice. The important thing to remember is that the people who are eligible to claim are those who were injured in a scenario that was not their fault.

This is also an area of law that requires experienced legal minds. The claimants are often quite vulnerable and may be in a situation where the injury that they have sustained is impacting their lives seriously. They may have been in hospital, have long-term physical injury, or even be wheelchair bound as a result of an injury sustained that was not their fault.

How Can Such An Injury Impact A Person?

Imagine that you are walking through a local shopping centre. You may be with your family one minute and on the ground in agony the next. It turns out that you have slipped on a wet area on the tiles that was accidentally left there by a cleaner. The injuries sustained have affected your lower back and have put you out of work for months while you recover. How would your family cope during this difficult time? How likely is it that you can return to your former work duties?

In this scenario, the centre management and the owners of the building may be responsible for the injury, as they employ the contract cleaners and are supposed to maintain the floors in a state that is safe. In this case, the injury sustained may certainly have been accidental, but it was hardly the fault of the person who was injured.

Often such injuries require hospitalisation, medical treatment, and surgery. Sometimes, the injuries are so bad that they cause a health condition that requires a lifetime of care and management. This can place an individual and a family at serious financial risk.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

An experienced lawyer can help in a situation like this. When it seems that there is little hope, they can provide support, guidance, and legal help in a system that often seems difficult to navigate. A successful case can mean that the claimant receives a fair and reasonable amount of financial compensation. This is money that can help them and their family.

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