A Guide to Finding the Best Law Service in Singapore


In the daily course of your life, some instances do happen where you need a proper legal advice in order to reach or seek the correct solution, or in other words, justice. A good lawyer who has a proper legal knowledge to solve certain individual problems, then becomes a necessity. He/she should even have legal resources to manage their client’s case effectively. One should always consider a lawyer who has many years of experience in his/her field. There are many lawyers in Singapore that specialise in various fields, thus it is very convenient for potential plaintiffs to choose a lawyer as per their need. The important point is to find and understand the type of legal advice, justice or settlement one is seeking for to ensure it suits their needs.

It is a fact that though the world is progressing and more and more people are gaining higher education, but there is an equal rise in crime and other illegal activities. Therefore, there is an increase demand for capable lawyers who can serve justice for the people.

There are so many different kinds of lawyers who specialise in one or more common legal problems. One should find a lawyer who is capable enough in dealing and handling their legal issue the best.

Family Lawyer

If you are in need of any kind of prenuptial agreement, involved in a child’s custody or any family law or spousal support battle, you should look for a suitable divorce lawyer in Singapore who is best equipped with vast amount of knowledge in the field so as to guide you through the proceedings that are presented before you. Nowadays, there is a lot of increase in the divorce cases as couples have a number of disagreements on many issues. Neither of them wishes to adjust, therefore there is a lot of demand for capable family lawyers.

Finding the best law firm in Singapore

With several law firms offering services in Singapore, choosing the best one would require research and comparison. You can consider the following aspects to choose the best law firm if you are looking for the best divorce lawyer:


You can ask for recommendations from your friends and acquaintances. This helps in getting you the contact details of some of the best law firms and lawyers. You can then meet some of these lawyers and then choose the best one.

Type of divorce required

Whether you are looking for mitigation or litigation, you will have to choose the lawyer accordingly. Most legal portals like SLIC and Asia Law Network categorise the lawyers on their site according to categories or fields they specialise in. That is why knowing which criteria you fall in is crucial!

Top Law Firms Can Help

Instead of hunting for a suitable lawyer for your case, there are some very well-established law firms which provide you the perfect lawyer for any kind of legal advice under one roof. They seek to grow great relationships with their valuable clients and strive to empower them with the best legal resources. These law firms are very professional in their work and their staff are equipped with the essential legal knowledge for them to run their businesses smoothly and at the same time manage their personal affairs soundly.

This makes it very convenient for people who need a lawyer, as they do not have to look for lawyers elsewhere, be that for an injury lawyer or a divorce lawyer in Singapore or for any other fields. Based on the reviews past clients provided, we are able to determine that the lawyers and staff working for these firms are meticulous professionals that will be able to guide you effectively on each step and make things quite easy.

We can safely say that at some point of life, we do require the help of a lawyer in order to seek the right kind of legal advice. These law firms are a good source where you will be provided the right lawyer as per your requirement. A suitable lawyer that meets your needs is very essential to save you time as well as money.

Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Recently, there has been a tremendous increase in cases of divorce all around. According to a TNP article on 19 July 2017, divorce rates in Singapore is at a 10-year high and fewer people are getting married. As such, when marriages fall apart, many people look for divorce lawyers to solve their issues and enact in their best interests. This is the reason why there is a surge in search for divorce lawyers in Singapore. Most are trained professionals who have at least 5 years’ experience in family and divorce law. Most exclusively work on civil law while others focus on Syariah law. There are also some who can do both but represent only one party which is involved in the divorce proceedings. These lawyers are holistic in their approach and work on many matters such as- child custody disputes, trusts, wills and leases, as all these issues are connected to the pending divorce. They even give advice and represent their clients in front of judges and at settlement conferences, although this might not be necessary for civil courts.

Divorce lawyers utilise much of their time conducting research, drafting paperwork, gathering evidence and filing documents with the court. They even review clients’ paperwork which comprises of net worth statements, tax returns retirement plan summaries, real estate tax bills, medical insurance information, prenuptial, information on stocks, bonds and brokerage accounts. In conclusion, a good divorce lawyer works his/her best to get you the right kind of verdict i.e. in your favor, which is what your aim should be from the start.

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