Find Help From The Divorce Lawyers In Singapore


In case of marriage failure, people turn to divorce to get out of a failing marriage.  In some cases people come to a settlement without any legal proceedings, however, in most cases, they have to hire a divorce lawyer to keep their best interests. People in Singapore who are looking for divorce lawyers can find some of the best to serve their needs.

What is a divorce lawyer?

A divorce lawyer is a trained professional who has all the knowledge of family and divorce law. These are experts in carrying out the terms of divorce settlement. They are trusted professionals who are licensed and trained people who skillfully guide their clients and make situations smoother for them through this unsettling time. Divorce lawyers graduate from law school and they give their total commitment to post-secondary education.  They graduate and then train with a well-know divorce lawyer and practice law, family law and ethics before taking up actual divorce cases. They have to finish several internships, training with lawn firms after their studies.

What are the duties of a divorce lawyer in Singapore?

Divorce lawyers always work within the civil law and represent only one party that is involved in the divorce proceedings. They work on matters such as child custody, wills, trusts, compensation, leases and issues related to pending divorce cases.  They do the research, gather evidence, draft paperwork, and file documents with the court on behalf of their clients.  they review and check the client’s past tax returns, net worth, retirement plan, prenuptial agreements, real estate tax bills, medical insurance, stocks owned, bonds and brokerage accounts.  They offer professional advice to their clients.

What are the skills of a divorce lawyer?

Divorce lawyers are trained professionals and must be of a sound mind. They should not have a temper, their emotions must be in check during the divorce proceedings and must have critical and logical thinking and reasoning to the situations.  They should be able to manage their work time and be people-oriented to win the confidence of the judge and the jury in the court.  Divorce lawyers in Singapore will charge an amount of fee for offering the services to their respective clients. One cannot apply for a divorce if one hasn’t been married for less than three years.  One needs to have the court’s permission to do so in exceptional cases.  Skilled lawyers in Singapore can help one finding solutions to all their queries and questions.

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