Why is it difficult for Chinese students to speak in class?


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In the domestic education model for many years, students can’t talk casually. Remember the scenes when we were a child when we were punished for speaking in class. In our deep-rooted traditional learning environment, there is no awareness of participating in the classroom. North American students have been in an interactive learning environment since childhood, and classroom speech is an important means of learning and their learning habits.

As an international student who has just arrived, everything is new and full of uncertainties. Especially in the classroom, everyone uses a language they are not familiar with, in an unfamiliar environment, to communicate with a group of faces that they are not familiar with. In fact, the heart is very lack of security and belonging. In this case, it is really difficult to be fluent in expressing academic views like native. Similar to the situation at the university, many students’ ultimate goal of studying abroad is to go to a good country and a good school. When I got the offer and really got to the school, I didn’t know what I wanted. Nothing to say about the content of the course, there is nothing to express in the class.

Many freshmen said that they would not sleep until they had to go to school the day before they had some difficult classes. They were very anxious. This state of anxiety will continue into the classroom, and whenever I want to say something, I will get back because I am too nervous. After class, I often get upset that I have become an invisible person in class, more anxious and annoying, a vicious circle. Before the students came, they didn’t practice too much English communication skills. We may be very fluent in describing our hometown because TOEFL has such questions, but we don’t know how to communicate daily, such as eating and ordering, chatting, and chatting. In fact, these are also very technically needed. In the classroom, how to conduct academic exchanges is even more so.

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