When Matters Can No Longer Be Resolved by Talking: What Are the 8 Most Common Reasons Why a Couple Chooses to Get Divorced?


Disagreements can be inevitable in any marriage. Simply put, perfect marriages do not exist. While some couples can talk it out and solve the emerging issues. Other find it hard to use this solution, especially if the specific problem persists. The couples then see no other option than to choose divorce. But what are some of the common reasons that leave the couple no other choice than to divorce? Please read on.

  1. Unresolved Conflicts

In any marriage, it will be almost impossible to not have some disagreements once in a while. Even in the “perfect” marriages. Maybe because of issues like lack of respect, disobeying the set rules of the house, and breaching of one’s boundaries. If these conflicts go on for quite some time without any hope to resolving them, divorce is on the horizon.

  1. Physical Cruelty

Different couples handle disagreements differently. Others talk it out, solve the matter and life continues. Other could even go an extra mile to getting physical with their partner. If your spouse constantly beats you, hurts you, sexually abuses you, insults you, harasses you, threatens you, or humiliates you, you need to consult a divorce law attorney to advise you on the possible grounds for divorce.

  1. The Irresponsibility of One Spouse

Nowadays, it’s not a surprise to find a spouse who literally forgets about the family to give priority to work, friends, or other interests. A spouse could be negligent of the fact that they’re married and should take care of the family together. That marriage is not a one-party affair. When this situation persists, many couples opt to seek legal action. Your attorney should guide you and help you seek legal services.

  1. Wrong Purpose Marriages

Why did you agree to marry your partner? Is it because of love? Or money? Pressure from parents and friends? Or was it out of jealousy – so that your friend cannot have him/her? This has been among the most common reasons for divorce. Couples getting married absolutely for the wrong reasons and a few months or years down the marriage life, they get divorced. Boom!

  1. Finances

If one spouse is constantly spending freely without consulting the other partner and mutually agreeing, divorce could be inevitable. So, it’s not to mean that lack of finances is the cause of the divorce. But it’s the conflict that arises if one of the spouses is a spender while the other is a saver. If one is living for today while the other is interested in the future.

  1. Priorities and Interests

A couple that has shared interests and who can explore these interests together will have no common hiccups when working towards their marriage success. On the contrary, if the couple will constantly have different interests and priorities such as concerning important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, divorce could hardly be avoided.

  1. Marriage Expectations Not Met

Perhaps you have your own expectations when getting into a marriage relationship with your partner. However, there’s never a guarantee that these expectations will be met – at least not all of them. Now, how do couples react to the shortcomings? Well, not everyone will understand and accept the situation as it is. And they’ll opt for a divorce. Just like that.

  1. Fading Intimacy

This is absolutely not about sex, yet sex can also play a part. You must have seen how passionate and intimate young couples are. Those frequent and impromptu hugs, kisses, and touching. The things that reminded you of your bond and gave you a sense of togetherness. But do these continue, say, to 10 or 20 years down the marriage life? If you’re lucky, yes. And if you’re not, then you may not even be getting the hello and goodbye kisses. The once strong intimate connection will have faded and you may decide to call it done.


You could be entering into a marriage relationship with your partner hoping to live happily ever after only to find out that this was just a dream. A dream that was not to be fulfilled. And there are a lot of reasons that may have contributed to this. The reasons above are just some of the main reasons. Look out for relevant themed blogs for more information about divorce and divorce law.

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