What Should You Do When Injured By Your Hairdresser?


We visit salons frequently for different beauty services. Most ladies visit a salon at least once every week. With over 40,000 salons and spas in the UK, both men and women have a wide range of salons to choose from. However, some of these salons are operated by untrained beauty specialists. By visiting such hairdressers, chances of beauty damage are very high. In other scenarios, you may suffer damage from poor-quality beauty products provided by the hairdresser. As a client, you need to know your rights when such damage or injury occurs.

Salon operators and hairdressers in the UK are required by law to adhere to health and safety legislation. Besides proper disposal of beauty products, the law requires them to protect their visitors and clients from injuries within their premises. Injuries may result from slippery floors, poor maintenance of sharp objects, and use of expired or poor-quality products, or negligence by the hairdresser. Whichever the cause, the client has a right to seek compensation. Here is a guide to making beauty injuryclaims for compensation.

Take notes

The first step is to gather information about the salon or hairdresser? Who do you want to sue? Is the negligence of the salon or hairdresser? It is recommended that you gather information on both the hairdresser and the salon. A legal expert will then help you determine who’s liable for the negligence. Among the notes to take are the name of the hairdresser, contact, salon name, physical address and any other necessary information such as the type of cosmetic products used and possible negligent act.

Seek medical help

Cosmetic injuries can be severe if not treated in time. Make sure that you seek medical help immediately if you suffer from a cosmetic injury. It is recommended that you visit a renowned health institution. A professional doctor will assess your damage, make a report and provide treatment. This report is an important document when seeking beauty injury compensation. The determination of your claim will depend on the level of physical damage, cost of treatment and loss of self-confidence.

Hire a professional beauty solicitor

After gathering evidence and the medical report, you need to seek the legal opinion of a professional beauty solicitor. Usually, cosmetic surgery claims and beauty injury cases are complicated and difficult to win on your own. You need an experienced legal expert to be assured of injury compensation. A reputable legal expert will advise you accordingly and determine your chances of winning the case.

Cosmetic injuries are painful and expensive. They may also cause permanent damage to your beauty. It is therefore fair to seek the highest amount of compensation for such financial and physical loss. However, you need to follow the above guide to successfully seek compensation.


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