Traffic Accidents in Las Vegas – Understand Your Rights and Need of a Lawyer


The city of Las Vegas is nicknamed as Sin City for lovingly spoiling its visitors with fun and excitement. It’s a dream city for every traveler and for those who love to get into the spirit of gambling. The fast-moving life of Las Vegas comes with some price though; the probability of accidents. The city welcomes 32 million plus tourists annually. With so much incoming, a single year has recorded 243 fatalities out of which, 68 fatalities, were due to DUI. Deaths due to traffic accidents have increased by 7.7% since 2015.

In such a scenario, you would need to be ready with a Las Vegas car accident advice to know your traffic accidents rights and the process of safeguarding yourself. 

A Road Accident Attorney For Assistance

A traffic or road accident attorney is important to represent your claim, with legal propositions and process, which are specific to Nevada civil courts. Also, to settle down claim issues with your insurance company, the lawyer can help you with the documentation work, to establish the occurrence of the accident. He may help you with:

  • Realizing your fair compensation,
  • Building the file,
  • Accompanying you to the other party for out-of-the-court settlements,
  • Highlighting the arguments on your behalf.

If the informal settlement policy does not work, the legal course of action must be followed. In the event of filing the lawsuit, the traffic accident attorney can:

  • Accompany or represent you during court hearings,
  • Help you in building a case file with all required legal arguments and documents,
  • Estimate the compensation which you can claim.

A dedicated traffic accident lawyer is the most suitable choice in this kind of lawsuits since most of their practice is concentrated on handling different situations that can arise out of this type of claims. The attorney who is not bounded by the insurance in the event of a dispute over compensation can help you in winning claims to its full potential. 

Estimated Fees of the Attorney

Estimating the fees for the attorney and other expenses, in traffic accident cases is essential to know whether it is profitable to get into litigation (though, an informal settlement must be tried before everything else). The fees of the attorney vary from one lawyer to another, depending on their experience and their winning percentage. Apart from fees, you can request the assumption of the expenses, total or partial. Your legal auto insurance policy may have a clause to cover attorney’s fees as well. Refer to your policy documents.

Some attorney or legal firms do not charge you the consultation fees, until and unless you win the lawsuit. For the claimants with limited financial resources, there is an option of applying for legal aid to have help in legal efforts and paying a part or all of the legal fees.

First Things First

Your hired lawyer must be a specialized driving license lawyer to lodge a complaint or to obtain compensation for the damage suffered. The one with command over car accidents and personal injury cases is the best match for you.

Do not settle for the lower compensation offer by your insurance company or by the party responsible for your injuries, when you can rightfully contest for deserved compensation. An expert attorney will not only help you with this but will also provide you moral support and strength to contest for your rights.

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