Top Factors In Child Custody


A child custody case involves crucial factors that lie in the child’s interest. These factors could range from the child’s future to their current situation in a household. However, if you are a parent dealing with a child custody case, it would be best if you knew the top Interest Factors in child custody. 

Similarly, if you wish to seek legal help for your case, a sandy child custody attorney could significantly help you throughout the case. The interest factors in a child custody case will ultimately determine which parent gets the custody. This article covers the essential elements of a child custody case that you should pay close attention to. 

  • Child care arrangements

Child care arrangements are one of the most critical interest factors for a child. The court will closely examine this factor presented by both parents. Generally, both parents work for their living in case of a Divorce. However, the court would decide the child custody based on the parent who has better child care arrangements. These arrangements could be the home you will raise the child in, the environment, educational opportunities for the child, etc. 

  • Stability

Stability plays a crucial role in the child custody case. It will be in the child’s best interest to lead a stable life that does not involve them changing homes or schools within a given period. For instance, if you are a parent who keeps traveling for work, custody would likely be rewarded to your ex-spouse.The court would prefer to keep the child at home instead of changing the environment. Adapting to change after a divorce could be challenging for a child. Hence, stability in the parents’ and the child’s life would be prioritized. 

  • Primary caretaker

Before the divorce, it would be likely that one of the parents spent more time in the household taking care of the child. Similarly, child custody would be rewarded to the parent who spent more time with the child. If you are a parent who had to keep working or doing other activities that kept you away from the child, likely, you will not get primary child custody. In such cases, contacting a sandy child custody attorney would be optimal if you want them to defend your case. 

  • The health of the parents 

Before the final decision on child custody, both parents’ physical and mental health would be examined. A parent’s health can significantly impact the child’s health. If a parent seems unfit, either mentally or physically, the court will rule out the chances of rewarding their sole child custody. 

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