The Severity Of Speeding Offenses in Virginia And Why They Must Be Handled Professionally


If there is one thing that the state of Virginia is proud of is their strict road rules and regulations that have been a point of legal and public debate for several years. While in most states, receiving a speeding ticket is never a cause for alarm as all you have to do is pay the fine and all will be forgotten, in the state, it is a different scenario. Whether you are a local resident or a driver who happens to be in Virginia for business or vacation, there is always more than meets the eye when it comes to speeding tickets and what they mean.

One thing that you must always be aware of is that by quickly rushing to pay a speeding ticket in Virginia, you are pleading guilty to an offense and can easily receive other punishment. This is because depending on how the ticket was written, you could be charged with a crime of reckless driving. In the state, this s considered a misdemeanor offense and is deemed to be at the same level as driving under the influence (DUI). As such, while you could think that rushing to paying a ticket is a way of abiding by the rules as a good citizen, it could turn out to be opening a can of worms.

Primarily, reckless driving in Virginia entails going at speeds of above 80mph or exceeding the stated speed limit by more than 20mph. It is, however, unfortunate that when a speeding ticket is issued, the police never make any clarifications and it takes a closer look to realize that one has been charged with the crime. Often, the ticket will be noted as ‘RD’ or have the code section between § 46.2-852 and §46.2-867. Since this is a class 1 misdemeanor, a conviction can see you pay massive fines and also face the risk of jail time.

Another concern you should have as a driver in Virginia is that there is the DMV demerit point cutoff. This is whereby after accumulating demerit points above the required level, you will have an automatic driver’s license suspension. It is, therefore, important to understand that even when the speeding ticket is for traffic infractions, which do not attract the possibility of a jail term, you could lose the right to drive. All these factors make speeding tickets in Virginia a cause for concern that must never be handled lightly.

Fortunately, you can get to avoid making lots of mistakes or having to face criminal charges by relying on the expertise of a local speeding ticket attorney. Instead of taking the gamble, when you do not understand what is at stake, these professionals will provide the right guideline to avoid future regrets. Getting charged with reckless driving does not make you guilty, and a seasoned attorney will put up a fight to see the charges dropped or reduced. Even for cases where it is not clear what you could be facing, an attorney will carefully evaluate the case and provide the much-needed legal perspective to help in making the best decision.

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