4 Situations That Will Make You Get An Immigration Attorney In The Event Of A Divorce


Picture this, you came into the United States and found the love of your life. Everything seems perfect, and with time, you decide to get married. Several months or just a year into your union seems not to work out as expected, and the unlikely happens. Divorce might be a nightmare or in some cases, for your good.

If you find yourself in such a situation and you initially found your way into the United States, for other reasons other than marriage. You could be in a tough position if the law is anything to go by. At that point, probably your worst nightmare is being deported to your country of origin.

Well, various circumstances may be related to your case. And depending on each, a decision about your future in the United States will be made. At this point, you will need to arm yourself with the services of a seasoned legal practitioner such as a Los Angeles immigration attorney. And only then, you will stand a better chance of getting justice and possibly remaining in the United States.

Listed below are some of the circumstances that might inspire you to separate from or divorce your spouse.

  1. Being subjected to an abusive union

There is a saying that goes, ‘‘you must find the courage to leave the table if respect is no longer being served’’. What may seem to be a strong and a stable union might turn out to be violent and a misery-filled union. In such a situation, you will have no choice other than walking out.

Making such a move might violate conditions set by the law. In such an event, the best thing will be subscribing to the services of an immigration attorney who will fight for your justice and citizenship.

  1. Crime

Not everyone intends to break the law. And it is said that love is blind. Without you realizing it, you might end up being married to a criminal. If you are law-abiding, you will have a strong desire to walk away from such a union. Making that decision might be more than a challenge, especially if you must abide by certain conditions related to your citizenship.

An immigration attorney will help you with all the matters related to such a case. It is, therefore, highly advised to seek a legal expert such as a Los Angeles migration attorney.

  1. A rocky marriage with minors involved

Several reasons may lead to a relationship being classified as rocky. Your spouse’s actions or conduct might force you to leave the union. In some cases, when minors are involved, such a situation might be well too complex.

An immigration attorney will, at this point furnish you with all the necessary legal advice. And If need be, they will represent you before an immigration magistrate.

  1. Medical reasons

Medical grounds may be a reason strong enough to stage a strong case in your favor.

Concluding remarks

Marriage shouldn’t be a rocky situation. However, the points you have just read may force you to quit your marriage and sometimes, that might mean clashing with the law. Again, successfully staging your case against possible deportation will need a Los Angeles immigration attorney.

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