Lawyer 101: What Happens After Deposition in a Personal Injury Case?


An injury can turn your world upside down. It is something we try not to think about, but sometimes it happens. Giving a deposition is telling your side of the story. Keep reading to find out what happens after deposition.

What Happens After Deposition

A deposition is sworn testimony. This takes place in front of your personal injury attorney and the attorney for the opposing. side. There is no judge present for this.

After deposition, a court reported types up a transcript for both sides to review. Your attorney will look for any errors in the report. This is important because it may get referenced later in court.

Prepare to answer a lot of questions. You will get asked a lot, in most cases.

There may be requests for a medical exam. The doctor you see gets chosen by the insurance company.

After this, your personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the other side. Your case will either get settled or go to trial. If you have had an accidental injury, check out to learn how the right lawyer makes all the difference.

Know Your Side

It is important to know your side of things. Your lawyer will help you through this process and make sure the important things get kept at the forefront.

Your attorney will present the facts during the case evaluation. This is where the summary gets presented so knowing your side is crucial to remember.

Having all the facts ready will help your lawyer present evidence in a clear and organized manner. After deposition, if all the facts are clear and undisputed, your attorney will enter into negotiations. This is where most people hope the case gets settled.

You Need a Lawyer

If you have an accidental injury, chances are the opposing side will have an attorney. You should have one, too.

Some injuries may seem minor at first. Later they get more serious and there are medical bills and doctor appointments that need payment. A personal injury attorney will help you with all of this.

What if multiple parties are responsible for the accident? A lawyer can sort that out and get you compensation.

Sometimes insurance companies deny the claims. This can get frustrating and cause worry and panic. Most of us are not prepared to fight a large corporation on our own.

A lawyer will know how to investigate the accident and can determine who is at fault. Attorneys can get records and data that other people do not have access to.

Accidents Happen

We all know accidents happen every day. The more you know the better off you will be. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side and knowing what happens after deposition will help you get through the process.

When you know what the process is, you won’t get any surprises and it will help to keep you calm while your attorney works on your behalf. Keep following us for more information and tips!

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