How To Pick The Best Criminal Defence Lawyer in New Westminster


No matter how minor the crime is, having a criminal defence lawyer in New Westminster will help you eliminate the hassle and ensure that the case turns out in your favor. If that is not possible, the lawyer can help in reducing your penalties and other consequences. 

Your lawyer will represent your case in court, meaning you need a reliable and excellent criminal defence lawyer. One wrong step in picking the right lawyer will make you go through severe consequences than you are already facing. 

Therefore, to reduce your risk of choosing the wrong lawyer for your case, here are a few tips that will come in handy while choosing the best criminal defence lawyer in New Westminster. 

  • Past experiences with dealing in cases similar to yours: 

The experience of every lawyer differs from each other. Hiring a drug lawyer for your domestic violence may not be the ideal option. Search for a lawyer that specializes in criminal defence. You may ask them about their prior experience and case studies from the previous clients to understand how they have dealt with cases similar to yours. 

  • How is their courtroom confidence?

To ensure that your lawyer is confident enough in the courtroom when your case is moved in a trial, check minor details, including their appearance (how well they are dressed), how they speak, and their tone. 

  • Must be highly responsive: 

Ensure that the lawyer is highly responsive. You need a defence lawyer who will listen to you whenever you want to share something important about your case or discuss any vital aspect. Pay attention to how quickly they or their legal team responds in arranging a meeting with the lawyer. A delayed response may be a sign that you need to look for another lawyer. 

  • Always look out for referrals: 

Asking your friends or family for a criminal defence lawyer will save you time and hassle. If they already know an excellent lawyer, you can understand the lawyer’s working directly through the referral. This way, you can eliminate the need for extensive research of the lawyer. 

  • Get a transparent fee structure: 

Exact fees may not be predictable in some instances. However, if the lawyer’s fees are too expensive or too low, you can question them about the same. Make sure that the lawyer provides an excellent reply to this question. Any fake promises or extra commitments which seem impossible to fulfill should be taken as a red flag. 

Hiring a lawyer that specializes in criminal defence can be challenging. It is better to research about the lawyer and take your time by understanding all the aspects. If you want to avoid the complexes of days of research, you can get in touch with N.J. Preovolos Law corporation to get the best criminal defence lawyer for your case. 

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