Follow the uncomplicated steps to get divorce online!


Having trouble with your married life? Is it becoming unbearable to carry on your life with the spouse? Getting a divorce can be the only solution! Though it is a fact that the traditional divorce process is said to be time consuming, but it is not the sole way of separation. Today, you can look up to online divorce companies to simplify the process and initiate a quick service.

We all know that ending up a marriage can be a painful act, but when it comes to filling of divorce in California it is highly convenient. Though you need to fill up the actual physical paperwork in California court, but there is always the scope of completing divorce papers online which is a convenient and simple process.

What is meant by uncontested divorce?

While filling for the divorce you would come across with two different types of divorce: (i) contested and (ii) uncontested.

The divorce turns out to be an uncontested one if both of you agree upon the terms of divorce. Most of the uncontested divorces do not demand your appearance on court. Rather you have the opportunity to draft an agreement and fill up the forms.

In case your spouse does not agree upon the terms of divorce related to custody or property, then the divorce is considered as contested. If anyone disagrees on certain issues, then there is still the possibility of avoiding going to court if you opt for mediation or any other alternatives.

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Is it really possible to get online divorce?

Online divorce has made the entire process very simple. It is easy to complete the divorce procedure by drafting agreement and filling forms, which then, finally go to the court for further proceedings.

Once the required California divorce form is filled up, you are now ready to file the case. You just need to visit the local courthouse to file the case where the petition and summons should be submitted. In case you have children, then it is necessary to submit the Declarations form Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act.

Steps to follow to get online divorce

Today, you will come across with various online divorce services that can make the process really quick and easy. You can try this out to know about how the divorce process gets rolled. If you want to go for the online divorce service, then you need to follow a few steps:

  • Find out a online divorce website
  • Fill up the contact details
  • Specify the place of filling and whether you have any children
  • Give necessary information related to your spouse and know their whereabouts
  • Proceed to payment and then initiate the process

California courts are conscious about offering you additional information which helps to serve divorce papers to spouse. Once the spouse receives the papers and the case is filed, California will take around 6 months’ time to finalize the divorce.

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