Families with Disputes Should Use Mediation for a Less Stressful Resolution Process


Separation process during a divorce can be quite stressful and a painful thing to undergo by the couples. As spouses have divergent views and have developed bitter feelings for each other, settling disputes can prove to be an uphill task with literally no outcome on major issues unless the decisions are forced upon them by the court of law in a litigated divorce. And once a judgement is read out by the honorable presiding judge, spouses are left with no option other that accepting and implementing it voluntarily or, as in most of the cases non-voluntarily. Moreover, spouses have to go through endless court hearing and proceeding that call for a substantial amount of time, effort and money.

Instead, Family mediation Solihull is a better alternative to a litigated divorce as it has a flexible and hassle free approach to settle disputes between the separating couple.

Why to go for a Divorce Mediation?

  • Strictly Confidential: It is a completely and strictly confidential. All the communications, paperwork and related things are kept confidential. Spouses are called at mediator’s offices and meetings are strictly private. However, in a litigated divorce it could be quite embarrassing for spouses to discuss personal problems in an open courtroom in front of public. Separating couples may be forced or compelled to discuss things that they would have otherwise wished to keep secret. 
  • Higher degree of flexibility and control: Unlike court of law, spouses have flexibility to schedule meetings as per their convenience. Moreover, divorce mediationcan be conducted through video conferencing or other online resources like Skype. Spouses are in full control of the mediation process as divorce mediator acts only like a facilitator or moderator and encourage the idea of reaching an agreement with mutual consent. Once a decision is made and spouses agree on settlement terms and conditions, they can still come back with their concerns after a review. However, in a litigated divorce once a judgement is delivered there is no going back. And that must be accepted in entirety. 
  • Safeguards children: It can really a painful experience for spouses to see their children going through trauma of separation. During child custody hearings, children are usually called in and asked for their preference of stay with parent. It will surely be equally painful for children to undergo such trials at their age. However, in divorce mediation children are safeguarded from such unpleasant experience. Divorce mediators are trained to facilitate children’s need awareness session with the separating parents having a focus on children’s well-being as a primary motive. 
  • Encourages Mutually Beneficial settlements: Mediator being a neutral party offers a peaceful environment to the spouses to communicate effectively and make decisions, which are mutually beneficial to them. Equipped with necessary mediation skills, a mediator helps spouses reach agreement without any inhibitions or animosity between spouses. Absence of bitter feelings helps to keep lines of communication open between the spouses even after the divorce, which is all the more important for families with children.

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