A Complete Guide To Finding The Best DUI Lawyer


According to the statistics by MADD, over a million drivers are arrested every year for driving under the influence of either narcotics or drugs. This potentially high count poses a significant threat, not just to the culprit but to the people who unconsciously get involved in your activity.

If you’re anyway caught driving under the influence, you can get along with a government attorney. However, it is advisable to consult reputed firms like John Barnes law and hire specialized DUI lawyers for complete protection from allegations and charges. Here is a comprehensive list of factors to consider while looking for the best DUI lawyer.

Research well according to your requirements

Every case demands a specialized outlook to handle it tactically. When you are looking for a DUI lawyer, the firms will present you with a variety of options. You should always find the one whom you are comfortable with and who will discuss your issues at length. Your lawyer should not jump to conclusions immediately.

The internet and social media have made it particularly easier to search for attorneys and their reviews. You can also seek help from relatives and friends to have your options prepared. Once you have researched well about the prospects, choose the one you instinctively trust the most.

Create a list of probably suitable lawyers

Research does not end without a comprehensive listing of the analyzed data. You can simply create an Excel spreadsheet or maintain a written log for recording the details of the attorneys you meet. It is highly recommended to visit only the lawyers assigned by firms so that you can catch hold of their authentic information.

The list should contain their name, mode of contact, specialization, and contact addresses- both online and offline. Once you have a conversation with them, include their quoted rates as well in your database. Always consider your budget before hiring a DUI lawyer.

Understand the relevance of your case with their area of specialization

Every attorney is specialized in one particular sector. When you have chalked down your attorney choices to few, match their specialty with your case and check their previous track record. You can explore your State Bar site to access their performance history and if they have been subjected to any disciplinary actions.

Only hire them when you have gone through their history and cases. They should be licensed to practice law in your state and are totally familiar with the legal guidelines followed in your locality, or the area of the accident.

Conduct a personal meeting

After finalizing onto one or a few DUI lawyers, set up an interview with them, in person. With personal interaction, you will be able to understand how their work ethics are, and how well you get along with them.

You can also analyze their way of handling cases of equal or more magnitude than yours. Prepare certain questions beforehand and be clear with all your doubts. Once you have clarified everything, you can easily choose the best DUI lawyer for yourself and steer clear of all troubles.

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