4 signs you have hired a bad lawyer


In a perfect world, every lawyer fits every client. This is not the case in some circumstances. It must be noted that the attorney’s style and personality should match the client’s needs as well as satisfy his or her legal goals. But sometimes even an outstanding attorney can cause you additional stress and money.

What are the signs of a bad lawyer?

  1. Poor communication

Communication is critical when one has a court case. The lawyer should communicate as soon as possible in case of any changes or adjustments. Today’s world many lawyers are emailers, facebookers, callers or texters. There’s no excuse of not communicating or responding to clients queries as soon as possible. If your drags the communication process, then signs are he or she is not good for your case. Therefore, you should jump the ship before things get worse.

  1. Personality conflicts

Some lawyers are full of energy all the time; others are serene and calm, while some are in between. If you’ve to hire a lawyer, then it means you’re facing a severe problem. You need a lawyer who you’ll encounter the court struggle together as a team. Does your lawyer making you feel safer? The lawyer’s calm demeanor and calming aspects can play a significant role in your case. If the lawyer increases nervousness and tension once he opens his or her mouth, then he or she is not a good lawyer.

  1. Lack of decisiveness

From the first meeting, your prescribed lawyer should map out the route on how he will proceed with your legal issue. It requires intensive research on a particular subject, but the lawyer should prescribe his or her research analysis in your first meeting. Avoid lawyers who base their arguments on money on your first meeting. This shows they are only interested in making a kill out of your plight. A lawyer should be able to tell his or her client the next plan of action.

  1. Being on time

Lawyers always have various cases on a given day. They have rare control on court dates. Just because you don’t see your attorney in the docket is not a reason to panic. Most lawyers are familiar with court procedures. Some procedures are for clerks and judges. Rule of the thumb, when the judge calls your name, stand immediately, wait for the court clerk or judge to recognize you and answer whatever you’re asked. In any case, if you’ve expected for your lawyer for more than 30 minutes, call your attorney; ask about the arrival time and what you will be doing as you wait. If he or she doesn’t arrive at the promised time, chances are he’s taking your case for granted.

Wrapping up

Cases are serious issues that need maximum commitment. You don’t need to be defeated just because of a few technicalities. A lawyer should be a beam of light in your case. Providing necessary assistance where possible. If you need sound legal counsel, contact GVLawfirm.com today!”

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