Strict Laws In Action To Stop Car Accidents


Most car accidents happen for the same sake of reasons. They do have some characteristics familiar in them. Car crashes can and should be stopped with genuine safety considerations. The increased rate of car accidents are mostly due to the attitude of the careless drivers. Road accidents are one of the most happening cases in the current world. The most regrettable situation is that we don’t learn from our previous mistakes on the road. The drivers are well aware of the general guidelines and preventive measures to be used while being on road while it is the irresponsible behaviour of the road users that leads to such car crashes and accidents. The principal cause of accidents and crashes are due to the human delusions.

Why do car accidents occur?

Some of the very common reasons of human negligence which results in such accidents are:

  1. Drunk and drive
  2. Over the speed
  3. Distractions to driver
  4. No traffic rules follow-up
  5. Over-taking
  6. Not following safety gears
  7. Disobedience to lane driving

From several sources and researchers we have come to this conclusion that these are the most common reasons behind causing road accidents. These factors can completely be avoided with a little dedication while driving.

Drunk and drive:

Consumption of alcohol these days is a very common practice among every age group. We celebrate our happiness and anxiety by the intake of pints of alcohol. But when it is mixed along with driving this results in a mishap. Alcohol consumption over permissible levels reduces our concentration gradually. Brain passes instructions slowly. Limbs react to every reaction in an after state moment. It also affects our vision due to the dizziness.


Most of these deadly accidents have over-speeding as their main cause. It is a natural behaviour of the human hormones to promote excitement. Well, this is one of the major factors if given a chance then man can achieve all possible goals due to this endless speed. But this is not applicable when we are on the road especially with other users in the same lane. It is wiser to be after one another and not to promote any sort of competition in this field.

Distractions to drivers:

From minor to major accidents are caused due to the several distractions of the drivers. The distractions may vary from inside to outside the vehicle. The most important cause of distractions these days are continuously talking over the phone while driving. This particular measure of talking occupies the most of our brain while leaving the small portion to handle driving.

No traffic rules follow-up:

It is a quite common sign these days at road intersections that vehicles relentlessly cross without caring for the light divisions. The main reason behind this act is to save more and more time. The frequent misunderstanding of stopping at red signals is basically a waste of a lot of time and fuel energy.

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