Safety Consideration for Motorcycle Riders


Motorcycle crashes lead to fatalities. Riders enjoy certain unique freedoms, but at the same time, they are exposed to greater risks not experienced by other motorists. Government data back in 2006 quoted motorcycle accidents to be at 35 times more than car accidents per mile. It is, therefore, important to learn about bike safety and reduce the risk levels you may face on the road. Getting a lawyer on to sort you out legally when you are involved in a bike accident does go a long way in protecting your health and financial interests. Here are a few safety considerations to reflect on.

Always Suit Up With the Right Protective Gear

Bikers are exposed to substantial risk of serious injury in the event of a crash. It is, therefore, important to buy the DOT labeled, federally approved helmet. The standard helmet should be tight enough as a safeguard measure against harm to your brain. It also should be fitted with a plastic shield to protect your face from wind, dust or pebbles thrown from cars.

Arms and legs need protection too. Dressing in heavy denim or leather and putting on the protective elbow and knee gear should keep you warm, as well as act as a first line protection from dehydration and bodily harm.

Responsible Riding

Many crashes between motorcycles and vehicles are often explained off as the bikers being on other motorists’ blind spots. As a rider, it is best to maintain a safe distance between you and the cars in front or on the side. Ensure you follow the traffic regulations, indicate in a case of making turns or joining intersections, overtaking or any lane changes you make. Wearing reflective gear and maintaining your bike’s headlights on, increases the chances of other motorist seeing you. Also, consider exercising caution when approaching intersections.

Refrain From Drugs and Alcohol

Any form of intoxication from drugs, prescribed medication or alcoholic beverages impairs your coordination, judgment, balance, throttle control and reaction time. You do not want to lose most functionality on two wheels. So remain sober every time you go for a ride.

Legal Implications of Motorcycle Accidents

As a starting point for any bike related accident, the legal benchmark borders on determining the level of negligence on the parties involved. If it is established that there was partial negligence on the part of the biker, he or she is liable for the damages according to the principles of contributory negligence. If it is a case of contributory negligence, both parties are considered at fault, and the damages are tabulated based on the culpability level of each party.

Manufacturer Defects

Not all accidents are as a result of negligence by the biker. At other instances, a flaw in the bike design or a manufacturing defect could be blamed for the catastrophic turn of events. The error could have occurred in its design specifications or a mistake in the manufacturing or assembly points. The company, in this instance, is liable for the losses incurred.

Be responsible, practice safe riding habits and lawyer up.

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