Mistakes to Avoid in Family Court


Causes involving your family are delicate matters, they often cause a lot of stress and it is best to try and resolve them without going to court. In some cases, a family lawyer can act as a mediator and settle the problem quickly, without the need for a hearing. In other circumstances, both parties must go to court and resolve the issue.

Failing to Give Information

Many people go to family court and fail to disclose essential information, such as their financial situation. If you are involved in a continuing family matter, you must disclose your finances to the court. Expert family lawyers in Adelaide will tell you that keeping this information to yourself will have a negative effect on your case. Each group involved must give a detailed account of their current financial situation.

This information should include:

  • Revenue from employment and business ventures
  • Any property you have a stake in
  • Any interest you have in a trust fund
  • Property that has been given to you as a gift

Each party involved in the case must know the current financial situation of the other party. If you have been found to be lying to the court, the judge will look on this disapprovingly.

Badmouthing an Ex-Partner

We understand that family issues that need to be resolved in court are challenging. There is a lot of emotion involved and tempers sometimes flair. But this is not an occasion where you should start to badmouth your ex-partner in front of your kids.

It puts your kids in an unfair position, making a situation that is already difficult, more complicated. Speaking negatively about your ex-partner also reflects poorly on your parenting skills, something that does not look good if you are trying to get custody.

Posting Information Online

Another big mistake many people make when they are in a family law court is posting information on social media about their case. It is against the law to publish data online that can identify an individual who is involved in a family law matter that is yet to be determined.

This article has identified and discussed three key mistakes that people make when attending family court. If you make any of these mistakes, you put your case in jeopardy. Badmouthing your ex-partner, posting information online or failing to give financial details can all damage your case. If you wish to have a favourable outcome, get in touch with a family lawyer for support and guidance.

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