LSAT: Strategies and General Tips


Are you looking to give LSAT soon and have no clue how to score 160 or more? Then following tips will be helpful to you:

Approach LSAT with a good plan

Spend time practicing and preparing a lot for LSAT so that you know about your weaknesses and strengths. This will help in understanding where more of your focus and energy is needed. Why to waste your eight minutes and stress out on a question, when you know it has minimal chances of being correct? The best way to save your time during the LSAT would be to know about your weaknesses and strengths beforehand.

For becoming well-rehearsed, solve previous papers

Permanence can be attained by practice! If you practice previous LSAT papers in a place that is quiet then it will help you get ready for focusing for hours on test material and also for sitting in chair under stressful conditions. This opportunity can be used for assessing yourself and knowing where to use more of your time during LSAT preparation.

Guessing on LSAT test isn’t an infraction 

There is nothing to be afraid of while guessing. Nobody is putting you behind the bars for a wrong answer. Therefore, attempt all the questions. If you have no idea about the right answer, then according to you, eliminate the incorrect choices and then make a guess amongst the remaining options.

Strategies and specific tips for certain question-types

  • Logical Reasoning

There are three components for arguments: assumption, evidence and conclusion. The main and important point of an argument is the conclusion and is reinforced with unstated assumptions and stated evidence. In order to identify right answer quickly, it is important to have structural understanding of each argument. Begin each question by going through question stem. Then you get an idea of what is being looked for in an argument.

  • Analytical Reasoning

Most of LSAT logic games in the test come under three categories: hybrid, grouping or sequencing games. Placing objects in an order is the rule that describes sequencing game. Placing them in specific groups is the rule that describes grouping game. Hybrid game include grouping and sequencing elements.

Before providing answers to questions, thoroughly understand conditions and rules and carefully read information provided for each LSAT logic game. If you find conclusions that are generic then reach out for it before you answer any question. Further assumption can be added to most of the given questions and you may be asked to determine a resulting conclusion. The best way to know a logic game is by understanding the interaction between the latest “rule” and other established rules.

  • Reading comprehension

In this section, questions are to be answered on basis of information given within a passage. Here, bringing knowledge about a particular topic is not expected by you. In fact, you may answer a question incorrectly because of assumptions you make on basis of prior knowledge. While preparing for LSAT, refrain memorizing facts. Majority of questions will demand for details, inferences and main ideas. Make sure you identify these while going through passage.

  • Writing sample

Before you start writing, organize all your thoughts, possibly with an outline. The writing sample will be assessed on how nicely position has been supported and on clarity. Remember that writing sample in LSAT will be submitted to all the schools that you apply to.

In conclusion, try to focus on questions you are aware of rather than wasting time on one question. The more you practice for the LSAT, the better your score will be.

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