Divorce in Charlotte: Questions to ask a family law attorney


Let’s get real – Some marriages do fail. If divorce seems like an eventuality, you need to consider seeking as much support as you can. This could be an emotionally-charged time, and you are expected to take decisions that will impact your life ahead in many ways. If you are too stressed or sad, talk to a therapist, or share with friends and family. When it comes to legal advice, talk to a Charlotte family law attorney. Even though North Carolina allows for no-fault divorce, you will need an attorney to protect your rights and interests. Below are some questions to ask when you meet an attorney for your case. 

  • As a family law attorney in NC, how often do you deal with divorce cases?

The scope of family law is huge. You need someone who knows the ins and outs of the divorce process and handles such cases on a regular basis. You can also ask questions like – What percentage of your practice is dedicated to divorces? Also, don’t judge a lawyer merely by the number of cases, but consider their expertise based on types of cases they work on a regular basis. 

  • What is your fee? How much will this divorce cost?

If you are the one filing for divorce, there will be court fees and costs that must be paid. There are also other expenses related to the case, such as lawyer’s fee and litigation expenses. Ask the attorney about their fee in advance and discuss your financial situation in depth. Most family law attorneys in NC either work on a retainer basis, or charge an hourly rate. A lawyer should be able to give ballpark estimate of overall divorce costs.  

  • Will you handle my case personally? Can you explain the timeline?

Most people don’t know much about divorce matters and family law. Let your attorney explain how the divorce may shape up. For instance, if you are being threatened by your spouse, your lawyer can look into the options for a restraining order. Or, when there are matters like child support and custody involved, your lawyer will negotiate with your spouse’s lawyer, to come to an acceptable agreement. This can take time. Also, if you are visiting a law firm, ask the attorney whether they will work on the case directly, or someone else will be assigned. 

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