Damage Caused By A Dog, And The Compensation You Can Claim


In some states, the law grants the victim of bodily, moral or material harm the right to obtain compensation from the person who is legally responsible for it. Generally speaking, a person is legally bound to make reparation for the harm he or she causes to others if, that is to say, if they fail to respect the rules of conduct that the country’s laws on them.

However, does a particular rule applies to damage or injuries caused by a dog? Indeed, the victim of such damage enjoys a presumption of responsibility towards the owner or guardian of the animal, which significantly facilitates the claim the victim might make. By this presumption, the owner or guardian of the animal will be presumed responsible for the damage or injury suffered by the victim unless the owner can show that the damage was caused by a force majeure (super force) by the fault of the victim.

What Happens Next?

In principle, compensation for damage caused by a dog cannot be refused unless the victim or a third party has acted imprudently. For example by provoking or frightening the animal or by not taking the necessary precautions. Else, if an external event, unpredictable and irresistible factor explains the reaction of the animal in the absence of a fault characterized by its owner or guardian. Also, it should be noted that if the victim got the injuries as a result of trespassing their claims could be refused.

However, it should be noted that a victim should never deprive themselves of taking steps to seek compensation if their injuries are caused by a dog that belongs to or is in the care of a relative. It must be known that such steps can be taken directly against the insurer of this person, thus avoiding any embarrassment.


Damages caused by an animal, can be deadly and have a fatal effect on the victim, it can damage expensive property or harm your loved one or even you. Taking necessary steps to ensure you are compensated for injuries sustained should be your next move after you must have treated yourself or your loved one in the hospital in cases such as bodily injury.

Nevertheless, if you are a victim of a dog bite or you suffered damage caused by a dog, you should contact your lawyer for best advice on what steps you should take on ensuring that you are compensated for your loss. https://levinsonlawgroup.com/ can further guide you in this regard.

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